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What's up in the Village
RFID Decal Rollout Schedule
Don't Forget to Vote!
United Makes a Deal with the Sun
United Mutual Appoints Steve Leonard to fill Director Vacancy
SCE Power Outage Planned for areas in Third, United and GRF Facilities on September 23, 29
Installation of Solar Panels at Garden Villas
Enter your Ride in the Village Car Show!
Oktoberfest Tickets Now on Sale in Clubhouse 1
Community Workshop on September 28
GRF Election Results
Candidates File For Seats on Third board
Help the Village Take a Crack at Sidewalk Deterioration
Building a Heart Safe Community
Gate 5 Under Renovation
Conducting Business in Your Manor
Exciting News from Broadband Services
Village Cooling Centers Open for Hot Days
Village Welcomes New Recreation and Special Events Director, Brian Gruner
Coyote Alert
Recreation Classes Punch Cards
SCE Rotating Outage Procedures and Policies
Kitchen Fee For Residents or Clubs
Art, Art, Everywhere!
Get Connected Phone List
United Residents Asked to Cast Their Vote for Vinyl Flooring
Lost and Found List Now on Village Website
Resident Volunteer Opportunity
Missing Your Trash Can?
Q&A with Broadband Services Director Russ Ridgeway
Third Mutual to take Proactive Measures for Outdoor Water Conservation
Town Hall Meetings, Board Updates, and More Available on the Village YouTube Channel!
How to Report Water Waste
Construction Noise Permitted only During Approved Hours in Laguna Woods Village
UCI 90+ Study Seeking New Recruits for Groundbreaking Successful Aging Research
Community Project Updates
Avoid the Scams!

Community Project Updates

City of Laguna Woods Projects visit
For details about ongoing Village maintenance projects, click here.
For special Village landscaping schedules, click here.

GRF Project Updates

Click here for a list of current GRF projects and status.


Third Project Updates:

Click here for a list of current Third projects and status.


United Project Updates

Click here for a list of current United projects and updates.


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