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What's Up in the Village
What’s on the Horizon for TV6: Town Hall on Jan. 26
Hide it, Lock it, or Lose it: Golf Cart Key Edition
Upcoming Programs sponsored by the City of Laguna Woods
Third Mutual Creates a “Brighter Future” in Gate 14
SCE Power Outage Planned for a United Laundry Room on Jan. 24
Don’t Delay! Get your RFID Decal
Irv Piken Celebrates 108th Birthday at Laguna Woods Village
Timeless Melodies - “Love is Here to Stay” Love Songs at Clubhouse 1 on Feb. 1
Ageless Ballet with Elsie
Third Accepting Applications for Board Vacancy
Third Appoints Marcy Sheinwold to VMS Board
Pardon our Dust! Work on Downstairs Fitness Center has Begun
New Tennis Instructor Chang Kyu Bae
Monthly Set Top Box Rental Fee Restructure Elimination of the Digital Deluxe Fee
GRF Election Results
Help the Village Take a Crack at Sidewalk Deterioration
Building a Heart Safe Community
Conducting Business in Your Manor
Recreation Classes Punch Cards
Kitchen Fee For Residents or Clubs
United Residents Asked to Cast Their Vote for Vinyl Flooring
Volunteer Opportunity: Become a Friendly Visitor!
Missing Your Trash Can?
How to Report Water Waste
Community Project Updates
Introducing: Saturday Docent Tours
Retirement Living TV Now Showing on Laguna Woods Village Cable
The Greenbook is Available online!
Digital Deluxe Subscribers now Available to all Set-Top Box Subscribers
Three for Free January!
Par 3 Lounge Now Open
Introducing the Thrive Project
Avoid the Scams!

Community Project Updates

City of Laguna Woods Projects visit
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For special Village landscaping schedules, click here.

GRF Project Updates

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Third Project Updates:

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United Project Updates

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