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Community Project Updates

Below are brief updates on many ongoing maintenance and landscape projects in and around the community. Click on a link below to go directly to that section.

GRF Project Updates
Third Project Updates
United Project Updates
City of Laguna Woods Projects (also visit
For details about ongoing maintenance projects, click here.
For special landscaping schedules, click here.

GRF Project Updates

Gate 5 and Gate 6 Renovation: GRF approved a 2014 Capital Plan to renovate Gate 5.  Staff worked with the GRF M&C Committee to develop a scope of work for the project to present to the Board for approval.  The M&C Committee reviewed preliminary cost estimates at a special meeting on October 29, 2014 and the Committee formed a task force to prepare a modified project scope and preliminary budgets.  At the March 3, 2015 GRF meeting, the Board approved adding Gate 6 to the Gate 5 renovation project. The plans were submitted to the City for planning and building plan check review, and comments were received.  The Architect resubmitted the plans on October 16, 2015.

Aliso Creek Bridge:The GRF Board approved replacing the existing bridge guardrail at Aliso Creek with horizontal railing.  The bidding process is underway.

Aliso Creek Restrooms: The GRF Board approved renovating the Aliso Creek restrooms.  Project bids were received but the bids were in excess of the budgeted amount.  GRF approved supplemental funding, and the contract is being finalized for signature. 

Staff is working with the GRF Energy Committee on the following items:    

  1. The Board approved replacing the lighting in all conference rooms and Table Tennis in the Community Center with LED tubes.  Staff met with the City to discuss permit and Title 24 requirements.  The Board approved supplemental funding and the contract has been signed.  Sample lights at various color temperatures have been installed for Energy Committee consideration.
  2. Regarding indoor LED installations at GRF facilities, GRF facilities were inspected by a contractor for areas to install LED lights and receive rebates.  The Community Center and Clubhouses 1, 3, 5, and 6 were identified as candidates for LED installations, and most of the installations are complete.  The Contractor is performing punch list work. This work does not affect normal use of the facilities.
  3. The GRF Energy Committee established a sub-Committee to meet with Johnson Controls regarding potential energy saving projects throughout the Community.  The Board approved a supplemental appropriation of $5,000 for Johnson Controls to perform a study to identify potential energy savings for the GRF facilities.  A kick-off meeting was held on October 13, 2015.

The Clubhouse 2 Renovation Ad Hoc Committee approved shutting down Clubhouse 2 on August 3, 2015 to start preparing for construction.  A Contractor was hired to perform the preconstruction services for the renovation.  The plans have been submitted to the City for plan check review.  The Board approved a supplemental appropriation at a special meeting on Friday, August 14.  The construction contract has been signed and demolition began on October 12.  

GRF approved a pilot program to provide a gate access system for Gates 5 and 6.  Only one bid was received on May 20 and staff is working with the Security Committee Chair to review the product specifications.





Third Project Updates:

Third Mutual Garden Villa Beam Replacements:

Completed: B2384, B2385, B2386, B2389, B2390, B2397, B2398, B2399, B2400, B2401, B2402, B2403, B2404, B2405, B3241, B3242, B3243, B3244, B3420, B3421, B4006, B4007, B4008, B4009, B4010, B4011, B5371, B5500, B5510, B5511, B5515, B5517, B5518, B5519 and B5499 (35 buildings).

Construction schedule for 2015 – 2016 (remaining):  B969, B3499, B5370, B5372, B5519 (5 buildings).

The Garden Villa beam projects have been re-bid.  The Contractor has been selected and the contract is awaiting signature from the Contractor.

Third Mutual LH21 Stairway Beam Replacements:

Beam replacements were completed in 2013 at B4001, B4002, B4003, B4004, and B4005 (5 buildings).

Completed in 2014:  B3498, B3510

Construction schedule for 2015 - 2016:  B3336, B3363, B3364, B3365, B3371, B3486, B3500, B3501, B4012, B4013, B4014, B4015, B4025, B4026 and B5369 (15 buildings).  Staff presented a report with a plan and alternatives on how to proceed with the LH21 beam replacements to the Third M&C Committee at a special meeting on March 3, 2015.  The Committee directed Staff to seek a proposal from a structural engineer.  The Board approved the structural engineer proposal and the structural engineer has been retained to perform evaluations for the above buildings.  The structural engineer’s report was completed and presented at the June 1st M&C Committee meeting. The Committee reviewed alternate means of repair from the engineer at their July 6th meeting.  The Committee narrowed it down to two alternatives.  Plans and the construction scope of work are finalized.  The project bidding is complete and the bid analysis will be presented to Committee in November for alternative selection and bid award.

Elevator Component Replacement Programs: 

The Elevator Component Replacement Contract has been awarded. Ten (10) elevators were selected for the 2015 improvement project. Construction improvements and interior remodels began March 2, 2015.  Letters outlining the repair process were mailed to all residents and owners where elevators will be improved in 2015.

Completed 2014:  B2353, B2385, B3241, B3242, B3371, B3421, B3486, B3498, B4013, B5515 (10 Buildings)

Elevator Improvement Construction Scheduled 2015:  B5499 scheduled start date was October 19 and completion date is November 5.

Completed 2015:  B2354, B2392, B2400, B2405, B3336, B3365, B3501, B5370 (8 Buildings)

Elevator and Mailroom Tile Floors to be Cleaned:

Buildings with both Elevator and Mailroom Tile Floors:

B2353, B2354, B2385, B2392, B2400, B2405, B3241, B3421,  B3499, B4010, B5370, B5372, B5499, B5500, B5511, B5515, B5517, B5518, B5519.

Buildings with only Elevator Tile Floors (All LH21):

B3365, B3371, B3486, B3498, B3501, B4003, B4006, B4013, and B4015

TLHM 3-Story Building Fire Alarm System Engineering: 

Fire alarm upgrades in 18 buildings were completed in 2013, and alarm upgrades in 18 buildings were planned for 2014 as well.  14 buildings were completed (B3366, B3367, B3371, B3486, B3498, B3500, B3501, B4001, B4002, B4003, B4004, B4005, B4012 and B4013). 

The Third Board directed staff to stop additional fire alarm installations, and at that time fire alarm upgrades were underway for Buildings 4014, 4015 and 4025. 

The Board approved completing the existing 2014 fire alarms already under construction with the exception of Building 4014.  Stop work notices were delivered to the manors in Building 4014.  Staff obtained a quote to remove the conduit from Building 4014 and on February 2, 2015 the M&C Committee approved the removal of the fire alarm conduit from Building 4014, which was done March 12-13, 2015.   The exterior stucco holes were patched and drywall repaired in the laundry rooms.  All stucco and drywall patches were painted.  Staff was directed to research wireless and in-the-wall fire alarm systems.  A fire protection engineering firm was attained to research alternatives.  During the April 6, 2015 Third M&C Committee meeting the Committee Members reviewed the Consultant’s Fire Alarm Report. After reviewing the report the M&C Committee addressed resolving the surface mounted conduit on the Villa Nueva style LH-21 buildings. The Committee approved visiting a Villa Nueva LH-21 building while on their next bus tour to inspect and discuss alternatives to beautify the recently installed fire alarm systems in the 4000 area.  While on the April 2015 bus tour the Committee directed staff to seek an estimate to move the fire alarm conduit in certain areas of Villa Nueva buildings.  Staff requested a cost estimate from the Fire Alarm Contractor to re-route conduit by the laundry room and move breezeway devices to archway locations.  The quote was received and during the July 6, 2015 Third M&C Committee meeting Staff presented the quote to re-route the Villa Nueva fire alarm electrical conduit and relocate the controller into the laundry room. The Committee rejected the quote and directed Staff to meet with a consultant chosen by a member and research alternatives.  Staff has obtained consultant information and continues to attempt to schedule a meeting to discuss fire alarm alternatives.  Staff spoke with the consultant and determined no viable solutions were offered.  Johnson Controls Inc. is investigating all aspects of the fire alarm systems installed on multi-story buildings.

Waterline Epoxy: 

Several buildings in Third Mutual have experienced a large number of leaks in the interior copper water lines.  (The majority of these high leak buildings are in the Gate 5 area west of Via Mariposa and adjacent to the 27-hole Golf Course.) The following are those buildings planned for epoxy lining (40 in total).

2011 (Completed):

B2386, B2392

2012 (Completed):

B2370, B2384, B2385, B2388, B2389, B2390, B2391, B2393, B2399, B2400, B2403, and B2404 (12 buildings)

2013 (Completed):

B969, B2369, B2380, B2381, B2387, B2394, B2395, B2396, B2397, B2401, B2405, B3003 and B3335 (13 buildings).


B2297, B2314, B2315, B2318, B2321, B2353, B2354, B2355, B2402, B3000, B3212, B3516 (12 buildings) lining has been completed.  B2302 lining is underway, but 3 manors remain (on hold).


Building 2275 epoxy lining has been completed.

Construction in 2015 & 2016:  The M&C Committee approved epoxy lining for B3200, B5414, B5447, B5448, B5053, B5249, B5311, B5373, B5451, and B5590.

Parapet / Stucco Wall Repairs in Gate 11 area:

Several Villa Paraisa style homes in the Gate 11 area have had parapet roof line leaks causing dry rot and wall damage.  Construction repairs are being made as each building is reported and inspected.

Completed 2013:  B5310, B5107

Completed 2014:  B5019, B5100, B5180

Construction Schedule 2015:  B5169, B5177, B5241, B5444 – The Board approved removing parapets from Villa Paraisa buildings.  B5177 and B5241 have been completed.  B5169 and B5444 are being scheduled.

TLHM Water Conservation Pilot project:  Inspections conducted by Board members identified potential toilet replacements at 25 manors, totaling 43 toilets.  The Mutual directed Staff to replace the toilets, charging the materials to the Mutual and the labor to the member, with the Mutual recovering the majority of the materials costs through the rebate application process.  To date, 25 of the candidate toilets have been replaced, 11 toilets were already low-flow toilets that could be repaired, 2 installations could not be completed due to dimensions/configurations not compatible with the standard toilet fixture, and 4 toilet replacements were refused.  Pre-inspections for site conditions and replacement scheduling is underway at one location (1 toilet).

Third Water Heater Electrical Upgrades: 

Water heater electrical upgrades are in process in Third Mutual.  To date, water heater electrical upgrades have been completed in 1,974 of the 1,987 manors to receive the upgrades.

2011/2012 Mid Cycle Dry Rot Inspection Project:

The 2011/2012 Dry Rot projects addressing structural and architectural wood damage are underway.  The 2015 Dry Rot Inspections Report program has also begun.  Below are the estimated scheduled dates for this work.

2011 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Design Project: Structural engineering plans and permits (17 buildings) – Complete

2012 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Design Project: Structural engineering plans and permits (31 buildings) – Complete

2011/2012 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Construction Project: The Board appropriated $1.1 Million to complete mid-cycle dry rot inspection.  Notice was sent to residents in CDS 226, the area selected as a pilot for the work.  Work in CDS 226 began October 6, 2015 and is progressing smoothly.  Notifications for CDS 215 will be posted by October 23, 2015

Third Mutual Prior to Paint Dry Rot Repairs:

2014 Paint and Prior to Paint Programs: Non-structural repairs are completed on all buildings and all buildings have been painted.  All structural repairs assigned to in-house crews have been completed. There are 20 smaller scale structural repairs assigned to outside contractors, with 4 projects in progress and 16 common wall projects that are on hold.

2015 Paint and Prior to Paint Programs: There are 147 residential buildings on the Mutual’s 2015 Paint Program. Non-structural repair work on those buildings commenced in November and is complete on 93 buildings and in progress in CDS 321.  Structural repairs have been completed on 51 buildings on the Paint Program Schedule. There are 29 buildings currently in progress and 30 buildings are waiting for city plan check review or permit issuance.  Painting of buildings has been completed in first 17 cul de sacs/groupings and is in progress in the 18th cul de sac/grouping.

Wall Security at Gate 11:  The M&C Committee approved heightening the shepherd hooks in the parameter wall near Gate 11 to increase the security in this area, funded from a supplemental appropriation. The Scope of Work is completed and bidding is in progress.

United Project Updates

United Water Heater Electrical Upgrades:  Regarding United Mutual water heater electrical upgrades, 6,299 manors have been completed.

United Electrical Panel Maintenance Project:  In the 2015 Reserve Plan, the Board approved a program to perform electrical panel maintenance on approximately 3,000 manors.  Approximately 1,970 manors require the procedure. Once the bidding process was completed the M&C Committee reviewed the sealed bids and selected a Contractor. While staff investigates the electrical outlet capacities in the carports the M&C Committee placed the project on temporary hold. The Contract has been signed and taken off of hold. Staff is formulating all administrative duties, including scheduling. Estimated start date: Late September.

Wasteline Remediation:  The wastelines in the community are aging and are prone to root intrusion especially through the joints between pipe segments.  Root intrusion can cause sewer backups and stoppages that affect the plumbing of the manors.  The wasteline remediation program, which commenced in 2011, involves an outside plumbing contractor installing a seamless liner within the existing pipes to help mitigate future root intrusion.  All pipes are video recorded before and after the process to confirm the pipe is a candidate and that the job was done appropriately.  If there are consistent internal issues, these are also investigated and addressed during the wasteline remediation program.  To date 19,437 linear feet of liner has been installed in 364 sewer pipes and laterals.  Currently Staff is scheduling wastelines that have ongoing root issues and those pipes identified by the in-house plumbing crew.

Plumbing Fixture Compliance Investigation: 

At its June 12, 2014 Business Planning meeting, United Mutual approved funds to implement a 4-year, non-compliant plumbing fixture replacement program starting in January, 2015.  All non-compliant toilets are being replaced with a WaterSense-qualified, 1.28 GPF toilet. Identification of non-compliant toilets is completed during manor resale inspections, general plumbing repair calls, vacant manor inspections  and by resident request.

The Metropolitan Water District approved the Mutual’s submittal of rebates through May of 2015. Rebate funding of up to $100 per are in process (maximum of $90,000). El Toro Water District, on behalf of United Mutual, submitted rebate program applications for up to $65,000 in funding for Fiscal Year 2015/2016.

Walkway Lighting:  

Lighting improvements in the five cul-de-sacs (6, 34, 63, 95, 210) were complete as of October 8th.  During the September Walkway Lighting Subcommittee meeting, the Committee requested Staff continue on light improvements in ten additional cul-de-sacs: 3, 19, 24, 39, 49, 52, 56, 91, 93, and 209.  In December 2014, the ULWM Board authorized hiring two temporary union maintenance employees to complete the Walkway Lighting Project within one year.  On January 27, 2015 the United Walkway Lighting project officially commenced. Two temporary union maintenance positions have been filled, materials bid and ordered, administrative development (coding, paperwork) completed, and field operations established to implement maximum production.

The Walkway Lighting program is 100% complete and was completed within a seven month period.

Completed CDS installations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 70, 71, 72, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 204, 205, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 (88 CDSs)

United Mutual Prior to Paint and Dry Rot Repairs

2014 Paint and Prior to Paint Programs: Non-structural repairs are completed on all buildings and all buildings painted. All structural repairs assigned to in-house crews have been completed. There are 9 smaller scale structural repairs assigned to outside contractors, pending at various locations. Of the remaining projects 7 are in varying stages of construction, 1 is out to bid and 1 is on hold.

2015 Paint and Prior to Paint Programs: Resolution 01-14-90 authorized an early start to the 2015 Prior to Paint activities with the goal of advancing the Prior to Paint activities to start six months ahead of the arrival of the paint crew at the buildings on the Paint Program. Inspections on the 2015 Paint Program buildings were completed in 2011. There are 116 residential buildings on the Mutual’s 2015 Paint Program. Non-structural repair work on those buildings commenced in November and is complete on 97 buildings and in progress on Buildings 56 & 57.  Structural repairs have been completed in 5 cul de sacs.  Structural repairs are in progress for buildings in 3 cul de sacs.  We are waiting on plan preparation or City plan check/permit issuance for buildings in CDS 37.  Painting of buildings has been completed in the first 9 cul de sacs and is in progress in the tenth cul de sac (CDS 37).

United Indoor LED Installations Pilot Program:  At the June 2015 meeting the United M&C Committee directed Staff to perform a pilot indoor LED installation at various United manors.  These manors were inspected by a contractor for areas to install LED lights and receive rebates.  The LED lights have been installed at pilot manors and the program is complete. This upgrade is at zero cost to residents.  Residents are encouraged to contact Monterey Energy to perform similar work at their manors.

United Outdoor Common Area LED Installations: United Mutual would like to take advantage of LED rebates at common areas including carports, laundry facilities, and multi-story buildings.  A contractor has inspected for areas to install LED lights and receive rebates.  A pilot program at CDS 204 has begun to compare lighting brightness options.

City of Laguna Woods Project Updates

Moulton Widening: Moulton Widening extends from the bus stop just north of El Toro Road to Santa Maria along Moulton Parkway.  The construction for the project is being overseen by the County of Orange.  The County will be providing funding for GRF to finalize the Moulton Widening punchlist.  Landscape Staff will be overseeing these improvements.




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