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What's up this week in the Village
The Village Prepares for Rain Event
GRF Accepting Applications for Board Vacancy
Pool One and Pool Five are currently undergoing repairs
No Bus Information Meeting in December
Vehicles Parked by Overnight Guests Require an Overnight Parking Permit
Transportation Department Collecting Toys for Spark of Love
New Meditation Class starting at Clubhouse 2
Corporate Members elect four new GRF Directors
Carolers in 19 Lounge on Christmas Eve
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New Year's Eve Show at Clubhouse 3
2015 Year Strips for Vehicle Decals will be Mailed in December
United Mutual to Launch Monthly E-Mail Newsletter for its Residents
United Mutual to realize 13 million gallons a year in water savings
PCM Landscape Manager assists University of California in Integrated Pest Management Education
Enjoy Monday Night Football at Clubhouse 5
Ongoing Italian Language class meets on Thursdays at Clubhouse 5
Network Channel Location Changes
Broadband Services Increases Channel Line-up
El Toro Water District Declares a Level 1 Water Supply Shortage
50th Anniversary Book Available from the Historical Society
Questions about SCE Streetlights
OCVCD Tips to Avoid West Nile Virus Infection
Community Project Updates
MORE Music choices added to the Digital Deluxe Package
GRF Announces More Channels Available in HD
Third Debuts Monthly Newsletter for its Residents
Laguna Woods Village featured on 60 Minutes
Significant Projects and Achievements 2013/2014
Tips on How to Stop Junk Mail
Free Donation Pickups from Salvation Army
Construction Begins on I-5 South County Improvements
Political Candidates: Rules for Distribution of Materials
United Mutual Seeking Resident Comments on Bylaws
El Toro Water District Recycled Water Expansion Updates
ETWD Expands Recycled Water Treatment and Distribution
Development around Oakbrook Village Shopping Center
City of Laguna Woods Offers Green Home Certification
Beer and Wine is now Available at the Village Greens Cafe!
New GRF Semi-truck Receives California Clean Idle Certification
Sheep, Goats Help Restore Natural Habitat in Laguna Canyon
Village Corporations Honor OC Firefighter of the Year
Always have your license with you when you drive in the Village!
E-Books can be Downloaded Free through Orange County Public Library
City of Laguna Woods Dog Park
The City Can Help Dispose Household Waste
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Turf Reduction Program & Water-Wise Gardens in United Mutual
New Open House Sign Regulations
GRF Requires Vehicle Decal
Guided Autobiographical Writing
United, Third Water Heater Electrical Upgrades
The Foundation of Laguna Woods: Pennies from Heaven
Personal Training with Matt and Sarah
United Approves Walkway Lighting; Cul-de-Sac 7 Selected for Pilot
The Village Bans Styrofoam Use at Clubhouse Events
Door to Door and Phone Solicitation of Contractor Services
Please Report Irrigation Runoff to Property Services
Village at Work Video Series
US News and World Report names the Village one of the Best Places to Retire!
A Message from Supervisor Pat Bates
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Tear-Off Form Required on all Approved Community Event Flyers
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Questions About Daytime Irrigation
EZ Pay is the Best Way To Make Manor Payments

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Community Project Updates

Community Project Updates

Below are brief updates on many ongoing maintenance and landscape projects in and around the community. Click on a link below to go directly to that section.

GRF Project Updates
Third Project Updates
United Project Updates
City of Laguna Woods Projects (also visit
For details about ongoing maintenance projects, click here.
For special landscaping schedules, click here.

GRF Project Updates

2014 Paving Program: The 2014 Paving Program was completed on October 31, 2014.

27-Hole Golf Course Restoration Program: The 27-hole golf cart path replacements were completed on November 7, 2014.

Improvements to Golf Teaching area: GRF authorized improvements to the golf teaching area adjacent to the Gate 16 Driving Range.  The plans have been completed by a golf course architect.  Bids have been received and the contract is signed.  The work started December 1 and is scheduled to be complete by mid-December (weather dependent).

Aliso Creek Bridge: On October 7, the GRF Board approved removing the existing stairs, ramp, handrails and walkway to the Aliso Creek bridge and replacing it with the previous walkway layout.  The Board also approved adding a gently sloping concrete walkway along the creek.  The engineer has completed the plans and a scope of work is being prepared.  After the scope of work is complete a request for proposal will be sent to Contractors.

The Habitat Mitigation Monitoring Plan (HMMP) for the Aliso Creek Restoration Project: The Habitat Mitigation Monitoring Plan (HMMP) for the Aliso Creek Restoration Project required willow stakes and native plantings.  The contract for the willow stakes has been awarded and the Contractor is developing the installation schedule.  The Contractor recommends installing the willow stakes in December when the plans are in optimum condition to achieve the highest survival rate.

Aliso Creek Walk Path Modifications:  On October 7, 2014 the GRF Board approved removing the existing stairs, ramp, handrails and walkway to the Aliso Creek bridge and replacing it with the previous walkway layout.  The Board also approved adding a gently concrete walkway along the creek. The engineer has completed the plans and a prebid meeting was held on November 25 and bids were received December 4.  Once the contract is finalized the work will be scheduled.

Clubhouse 2 Renovation: The Board approved appropriating money for the Clubhouse 2 renovation design on August 5, 2014.  The Clubhouse 2 Renovation construction funding is a proposed 2015 Capital Plan Project.  A Clubhouse 2 Renovation Ad Hoc Committee has been established.  The Committee has been setting project objectives and has endorsed hiring a third party owner’s representative (construction/project manager).  A contract has been finalized for the owner’s representative. He attended the first meeting on November 10th and and the Committee approved him to start soliciting Consultant proposals.  The next regular Ad Hoc meeting is on Monday December 8, 2014 at 9:30 am in the Board Room.

Gate 5 Renovation: GRF approved a 2014 Capital Plan to renovate Gate 5.  An RFP was issued for Architectural Services and a contract has been awarded.  A kick off meeting for the project was scheduled the week of May 5th.  The Consultant has submitted the Civil Engineering Plans for grading review and Architectural plans for building department review.  The Board has approved changing the project scope from constructing a new gatehouse to renovating the existing gatehouse.  Staff will work with the GRF M&C Committee to develop an updated scope of work for the project to present to the Board for approval.  The M&C Committee reviewed preliminary cost estimates at a special meeting on October 29, 2014 and the Committee formed a task force to prepare a project scope and preliminary budgets.  The task force presented their initial information at the November 17th GRF M&C meeting and will be providing further information at upcoming GRF M&C meetings.

GRF Alternative Energy Ad Hoc Committee: 

At the recent GRF Energy meetings, the committee came to a consensus to direct Staff to prepare the following items:

The Committee approved a request to SCE for a study and report for all GRF facilities.  The facilities will be prioritized with the Community Center first, Clubhouse 2 working with the ad-hoc committee, and then by energy use.  The alternate energy consultant is currently on-hold pending the SCE report.

Sample LED lights have been installed in Clubhouse 5 parking lot lights for Committee review.  The Board approved installing LED lights in Clubhouse 5 parking lot light fixtures at their October 7th Board meeting.  The Board approved sole sourcing the project.  The vendor’s bid has been received and a contract is being prepared.

The Committee endorsed replacing the lighting in all conference rooms and Table Tennis in the Community Center with LED tubes at a 2 to 3 ratio.

The Committee approved replacing all incandescent down-lights at GRF facilities with LED down-lights of similar color and temperature using SCE rebates at no cost to the Corporation.

The next Ad Hoc meeting is Thursday December 4th at 9:30 am in the Sycamore Room.

Recreation Master Plan:  The Recreation Master Plan was canceled at the August 5, 2014 Board meeting.



Third Project Updates:

Third Mutual Garden Villa Beam Replacements:

Below is the list of affected buildings that are part of the replacement program:

Completed:  B4006, B2399, B5519, B2400, B2402, B2403, B2401, B2397, B2398, B2384, B2385, B2386,

B2389, B2390, B2404, B2405, B5500, B4009, B4010, B4011, B4007, B4006, B4008, B5518,

B5515, B3420, B3242, B3241, B5517, B3421, B5371, B5510, B3244, B3243, B5499

Under Construction: Complete for 2014.

Construction schedule for 2015 - 2016: B969, B3499, B5370, B5372, B5511, 5519

Third Mutual LH21 Stairway Beam Replacements:

Completed 2013:  Buildings B4001, B4003, B4004, B4005, B4002

Completed 2014: Building 3498

Under Construction 2014: Building 3510 - punch list

Construction schedule for 2015 - 2016: B5369, B4012, B4013, B4014, B4015, B4025 and B4026.

Elevator Replacement Program: .The Elevator Replacement Contract has been awarded. Ten (10) elevators were selected for the 2014 improvement project. Construction postings, letters to manors and media began mid-December 2013. Construction Improvements and interior remodels began mid-January 2014. The first ten (10) Elevators will be completed from 2013’s schedule in 2014 due to delays.

Construction Schedule 2014: B2353, B2385, B3241, B3242, B3371, B3421, B3486, B3498, B4013. B5515

Completed 2014: B2353, B3498, B3242, B4013, B3486, B3421, B3241, B2385, B3371, B5515                                                 

TLHM 3-Story Building Fire Alarm System Engineering:  The OCFA (Orange County Fire Authority) approved the fire alarm upgrades without additional code restriction mandates.  The program beginning in 2011 and ending in 2016, calls for the 81 three-story buildings fire alarm systems to be replaced. The 2014 Fire Alarm Upgrade Program was delayed in OCFA plan check. Construction began approximately June 2014.

Construction Schedule 2014:  B3366, B3367, B3371, B3486, B3498, B3500, B3501, B3510,

B4001, B4002, B4003, B4004, B4005, B4012, B4013, B4014, B4015, B4025

Completed 2014: B3366, B3367, B3371

Under Construction 2014: B3486, B3498, B3500, B3501, B3510, B4001, B4002, B4003, B4004, B4005, B4012

Waterline Epoxy:  Several buildings in Third Laguna Hills Mutual (TLHM) have a large number of leaks in the interior copper water lines.  The majority of these high leak buildings are Garden Villas in the Gate 5 area west of Via Mariposa and adjacent to the 27-hole Golf Course.  The following forty buildings have experienced the most leaks and the first set of buildings scheduled for epoxy lining: 

2011: (Completed)

Building 2386, Building 2392

2012: (Completed)

Building 2403, Building 2400, Building 2399, Building 2393, Building 2384, Building 2404, Building 2391, Building 2390, Building 2389, Building 2388, Building 2370, and Building 2385

2013: (Completed)

Building 2369, Building 2405, Building 2394, Building 969, Building 2401, Building 2396, Building 2387, Building 2381, Building 2395, Building 3335, Building 2397, Building 2380 and B3003


B2297, B2314, B2315, B2318, B2321, B2353, B2354, B2355, B2402, B3000, B3212, B3516 (12 buildings) lining has been completed.

Under Construction: Building 2302 A, B, and C manors remaining. This project is currently "on hold."

Parapet / Stucco Wall Repairs -

Several Villa Paraisa style homes in the Gate 11 area have had parapet roof line leaks causing dry rot and wall damage. Construction repairs are being made as each building is reported and inspected.

Completed 2013: B5310, B5107

Completed 2014: B5180, B5019

Under Construction 2014: B5100

Pre-Construction: B5169

Inspection 2014: B5045

Increasing the capacity of the swale near Building 2390 and upgrading the bridge crossing : The TLHM Board approved improvements to include increasing the capacity of the swale near Building 2390 and upgrading the bridge crossing to conform to current design standards to accommodate water flows from a 100-year storm event.  There is also a planned flood wall to protect the buildings adjacent to the golf course.  Upstream of CDS 219 improvements include surface improvements to direct water above ground from the vicinity of Building 2384 and Via Mariposa West to the swale near Building 2390 which will require grading modifications and potentially raising flood walls along the landscape area bordering United Mutual adjacent to buildings 2014, 2016, and 2384.  A portion of Via Mariposa may need to be re-graded and slotted curbs installed to force water to flow into the fairway at Hole 8 during large rain events.  The existing 78-inch storm drain pipe will remain and will direct runoff during frequent events to the swale.  Plans are complete and construction is in progress.  Construction is scheduled to be complete in February 2015 (weather permitting).

CDS 203, 219, and CDS 221 Local Storm Drain Catch Basin Study: The TLHM Board requested an additional hydrologic study be done on the local storm drain pipes and catch basins located in front of the Garden Villa garages that tie into the main storm drain system (78-inch pipe and vegetated swale west of Via Mariposa West).  The consultant who has designed the major storm drain changes from El Toro tunnel to CDS 219 was hired to identify each catch basin’s tributary area, and develop recommendations for improvements along with estimated costs.   The Board approved a supplemental appropriation to fund the project.  A civil engineer has completed the construction documents and the City permit is ready for issuance.  The Board approved a single source contract to the Contractor who is working on the regional storm drain project.  A contract has been finalized and the work is starting the week of November 17th.  Construction is scheduled to be complete in late December 2014 (weather permitting)

TLHM Water Conservation Pilot project: Of the 95 manors selected for high water usage, the plumbers have completed inspections on 91 manors and 4 manors were not accessible.  The water conservation Ad-hoc Committee was disbanded in October 2011. Future water conservation topics will be over-seen by the Landscape and M&C Committees. 17 Manors with high water usage as well as the 4 previously non-accessible manors have been identified and the M&C directed inspections to be performed by the plumbers. The plumbers were able to inspect a total of 16 manors, which included 2 of the 4 manors identified in 2011.  Individual summaries of the inspections and suggestions for water conservation have been sent by mail to the manors inspected and a report of the inspection results were presented in the 7/5/12 M&C Committee.

Third Water Heater Electrical Upgrades: The water heater electric systems in 1,987 manors require either an inspection and/or upgrade from a 20 amp breaker to a 30 amp breaker and increased wire size from 12 gauge to 10 gauge wire.  The upgrade program commenced in 2011. To date over 1,905 manors have been upgraded.  A program to have the electricians inspect and perform preventative  maintenance on the manors electric panels was added to this project half way through.

Dry Rot Replacement Projects: The 2011/2012 Dry Rot projects addressing structural and architectural wood damage are underway.  The 2015 Dry Rot Inspections Report program has also begun.                                                                       

Below are the scheduled dates for this work. A schedule of the specific buildings which will be worked on will be coming soon.

2011 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Design Project: Structural engineering plans – Oct./Dec. 2014

2011 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Construction Project: February 2015 through May 2015

2012 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Design Project: Structural engineering plans – November 2014

2012 Mid Cycle Paint Inspection Construction Project: March 2015 through June 2015

2015 Wood Rot Inspection Report: Field Inspections and reports – September 2014: Completed

2015 Wood Rot Inspection Design Project: Structural engineering plans – Sept./Nov. 2014

United Project Updates

ULWM Walkway Lighting: Lighting improvements in the five cul-de-sacs (6, 34, 63, 95, 210) were complete as of October 8th.  During the September Walkway Lighting Subcommittee meeting, the Committee requested Staff continue on light improvements in ten additional cul-de-sacs: 3, 19, 24, 39, 49, 52, 56, 91, 93, and 209.  During the October Walkway Lighting ad-hoc committee meeting, Staff met with the ad-hoc committee and stressed that if the Committee wishes to expedite the walkway lighting repairs, additional temporary staff should be hired to do the work.  The Committee agreed and directed Staff to prepare a report including costs for hiring additional temporary staff to expedite all the walkway lighting repairs in every United Mutual CDS within one year (the 2015 Business Plan calls for all the repairs to be done over a 10-year period).  Staff presented the report to the Ad-hoc Committee during the November meeting.  The Ad-hoc Committee recommended the Board approve Alternative One to complete the walkway lighting improvements within one year, and the Board will act on this at the December 9 board meeting.

United Dishwasher Recall: United Laguna Woods Mutual received notification from General Electric of a recall on certain models of dishwashers manufactured between March 2006 and August 2009 and that were installed as member-selected upgrades in 133 manors.  The recall is due to an electrical failure in the dishwashers’ heating elements that can cause a fire hazard.  The model numbers being recalled begin with the sequence:  GLD4, GLD5, GLD6, PDW7, PDWF7, EDW4, GHDA4, and GHDA6.  Model numbers can be found on a metallic plate on the left tub wall, visible when the dishwasher door is opened.

Staff is sending letters of notification to members in the manors with these dishwashers, notifying them that they are to immediately discontinue use of the dishwasher, unplug the dishwasher from the outlet (and if they need assistance unplugging the unit to contact Property Services at 949-597-4600). Staff is also supplying specific information to these residents on how to contact GE for a free in-home repair.  For additional information, residents can contact GE at 866-918-8760 or visit the website:

2015 Prior-to-Paint Dryrot Engineering:  Engineering is complete for the structural repairs required to remediate dryrot identified during the 2011 mid-paint cycle.  All of the drawings that were identified for structural repairs have been completed and given to Staff to submit to the City and given to the Prior to Paint crews.

Walkway Bridge Replacements at Castilla Style Buildings:  In 2013 five walkway bridges at Castilla style buildings were removed and replaced due to excessive dry rot.  Plans for the repairs of two additional bridges at B614 were approved by the City.  These bridges are scheduled to be repaired this month.  Staff is continuing to monitor the necessary walkway bridges that need repair/replacement for a potential proactive repair/replacement program.

Wasteline Remediation:  The wastelines in the community are aging and are prone to root intrusion especially through the joints between pipe segments.  Root intrusion can cause sewer backups and stoppages that affect the plumbing of the manors.  The wasteline remediation program involves an outside plumbing contractor installing a seamless liner within the existing pipes to help mitigate future root intrusion.  All pipes are video recorded before and after the process to confirm the pipe is a candidate and that the job was done appropriately.  The program commenced 2011.  To-date, over 12,400 linear feet of liner has been installed in 235 sewer pipes and laterals.  Currently Staff is scheduling waste lines that have ongoing root issues and those pipes identified by the in-house plumbing crew.

United Water Heater Electrical Upgrades: The electric system in the manors requires an upgrade from a 20 amp breaker to a 30 amp breaker and upgrade from 12 gauge to 10 gauge wiring.  The program commenced 2011.  Staff and the contractor have been averaging 10 manors per day.  To date over 6,171 manors have been upgraded.  A program to have the electrician perform an investigation of the existing electrical system was added to this project half way through.

Plumbing Fixture Compliance Investigation: Staff prepared a subject report and provided alternatives for United Mutual to achieve compliance with Civil Code 1101 by the 2019 deadline.  At its June 12, 2014 Business Planning meeting, United Mutual approved funds to implement a 4-year, non-compliant plumbing fixture replacement program starting in January 2015.

The Board directed Staff to begin identifying non-compliant toilets during manor resale inspections and begin replacement using the planned expenditures for Toilet Replacements in the 2014 Business Reserves Plan. To date, all 89 toilets included in the 2014 Reserves Plan have been, or are scheduled to be, replaced in 2014.  United also directed Staff to provide any estimated additional funding requirements for toilet replacements in 2014.  Given that the Board has allocated funding for additional Staff at the start of 2015, and the Mutual is on track to meet the civil code replacement deadline of 2019, Staff is not recommending any additional funding requirements for 2014.  Staff is currently replacing non-compliant toilets with a WaterSense-qualified, 1.28 GPF toilet.  Staff is identifying non-compliant toilets in several ways: during manor resale inspections, during general plumbing repair calls, during vacant manor inspections, and per resident requests.

Staff presented a subject report at the October 22nd United M&C meeting with specific toilet alternatives for Committee and Board approval.  The Committee recommended the Board approve an ADA compliant, WaterSense-qualified, generic brand, dual-flush toilet with an effective 1.28 gallons per flush, and a greater than or equal to 1000 gram per flush MaP rating as the Mutual standard replacement toilet.  In the November Board meeting, the Board sent the report back to the Water Conservation Ad-hoc Committee for further investigation.  The Ad-hoc Committee has met with staff and the toilet consultant and plans to meet again in mid-December to make a recommendation on a new standard toilet for planned Board approval in January 2015.

The Metropolitan Water District recently approved United Mutual’s Member Agency Administered Incentive Program project application for toilet rebates through May of 2015.  Rebate funding of $100 per toilet has been approved for up to 900 WaterSense-qualified toilets (or $90,000).  Another application will be submitted by the El Toro Water District on behalf of United Mutual in May of 2015 for any additional rebate funding available for Fiscal Year 2015/2016 qualified toilet replacements.

City of Laguna Woods Project Updates

Moulton Widening:

Punchlist items remain and staff is following up with the City and the County to ensure this work is completed in a timely manner.


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