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Dog Club

Dog Walkers/Sitters Laguna Woods

Dog Walkers and Sitters lists for residents of Laguna Woods now available at Social Services Department, Laguna Woods.Community Center, Administration Building. Effective January 2017..Telephone:949-597-4267. Monday -Friday..9 AM-4 PM..

2017 Dog Club Scheduled Speakers & Special Events

The Dog Club meets on the second Monday of the month except for the months of June, July, August and December. The meeting are held at Club House 1, Art Gallery room. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m... and are generally over by 8:30 PM. Special events are held during the year.


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January 9 - 2017 Monthly meeting for January 9 th. will feature Dog Trainer, Paige Valdez.She will give basic tips on dog training and the available dog programs she offers....We will feature Show & Tell for members who have acquired a new dog recently or are new members of the club and their dog..New club memberships or club renewable memberships for 2017 are payable at the Monday meeting. Or send your application and check payable to Laguna Woods Dog  Club. Via mail to : J. Klampert, 2326 Unit O, Mariposa West, Laguna Woods, Ca. 92637..Club Dues are Single/Friend of dog $15.00..Club Dues a couple are $20.00. All club members are eligible for the door prize drawing of a $25.00 Pet store gift card.Refreshments are served after the meeting..the meeting is held at 7 PM at Club House 1, Art 949-855-1938.

February 2 - 2017 Laguna Woods Dog Club is sponsoring  Dog License and Vaccination Day on Thursday February nd. at club house 1, main lounge. License services provided by Laguna Woods Animal Shelter/Animal Services. Vaccination services by: Alicia Pet Care Center. Dr. Matthew Wheaton and Staff. Vaccination Prices will be determined later in January 2017. by Alicia Pet Care Center..Resident of City of Laguna Woods/Laguna Woods Village can pick up  Dog License paper work at Laguna Woods City Hall.   Veterinarian services begin at 9:30 AM...License services begin at 10 AM. These events, license service and vaccination service end at 1 PM. Bring a copy of your dogs current and updated Rabies Certificate to purchase a License or get a Rabies shot for your dog at this event or other needed inoculation. Remember residents if you are over 65 yrs. of age and your Dog is Spayed or Neutered you qualify for a senior discounts. If your dog does not need any Vet. services you can leave it home. Questions: 949-855-1938 if no answer leave message.

February 13 - 2017 Monthly meeting for Monday February 13th. will feature Laguna Woods City Manager Chris Macon. On the agenda the city Dog Park on Ridge Route and the Artificial Turf that is currently in the Park. Also a update on Coyotes...This month we will feature Show & Tell for new Dogs and their owners.....New Club Memberships or Club renewals are payable at the Monday meeting for 2017 or send your check payable to Laguna Woods Dog Club VIA Mail to : J. Klampert, 2326 Unit O. Mariposa West. Laguna Woods,Ca. 92637. Yearly Club dues:Single/Friend of Dog $15.00-Couple $20.00..Members are eligible for the Door prize drawing of a $25.00 Pet store gift card. Refreshments served at the end of the meeting..Meetings begin at 7 PM and are generally over by 8:30 PM. Meetings are held at club house 1, art room.. Info: 949-855-1938 --

March 13 - 2017       Monthly meeting for Monday March 13 th. will feature Guest Speaker Blythe Wheaton from the Pet Rescue Center. Their Mission of Rescuing Pets, Creating Families and Saving Lives.. we ask that all members of the club to bring a donation of un-opened Dog food to the meeting on Monday the 13th...The Pet Center will distribute the dog food to Seniors over the age of 65 to those who need help. .They will have information on how you qualify for the Dog food..Memberships renewals can be paid at the meeting or people who wish to join the club.refreshments served at the end of the meeting (social hour) and a $25.00 gift card as the door prize drawing from a pet store..                                                                     

April 10 - 2017 Monthly meeting for Monday April 10 th. will feature guest Lori A. Moss Community Manager of Laguna Woods Village.The meeting begins at 7 PM. at club house 1, art gallery room. Club memberships either renewals or new memberships for 2017 can be paid at the meeting..A pet store gifts card ($25.00) will be the door prize drawing for members. Refreshments  will be served at the end of the meeting during social hour...

May 8 - 2017 Monthly meeting for Monday May 8th. will feature guest speaker Betty Curley from the Social Services Department of Laguna Woods Village. Topic:  covering a range of services available to residents of Laguna Woods Village residents. An example are you looking for a Dog Sitter or Walker they have a list of residents who provide this service. Refreshments served and a $25.00 pet store gift card will be the prize of the door prize drawing for a lucky dog club member at the end of the meeting. Next month we will announce the date and category events for the Dog Show in June at Club House 1, main lounge

June 29 2017 Dog Show Thursday at Club House I, Main Lounge...Start Time: 12:30..Show ends at 2:30..Category registration at 12:00 noon at the door...5 Categories: 1. Best Wagging Tail. 2.Senior Dog Stroll (8 years or older). 3. Best Costume. 4. Owner Look A Like. 5. Talent....Only 15 entrants per category (first come, first served) This event is open to all residents of Laguna Woods Village and their guest. There is no charge or fee for attending this event and children are welcomed. (you do not have to own a dog or be a member of the Dog club to attend this event) Prizes in all categories. First, Second and Third Place. This event is sponsored the Laguna Woods Dog Club..Refreshments served. ENTERTAINMENT: HULA CLUB.  Info: 949-855-1938.

July and August the Dog Club is closed for the Summer.

September 11 - 2017 Monthly meeting for Monday September 11th. will feature Mr. Moye from the Security Department of Laguna Woods Village. Mr Moye will give us all the latest Security updates in the Village. including the new gate system and the update on gate passes. There will also be update on the status of the Dog Park on Ridge Route. The city and GRF/VMS are working on a Solution to resolve this situation. The Dog Park has been reopened for a 6 week period. 

October 9 th. 2017 Monthly meeting of the Dog Club will feature as guest Poochmatch Dog Rescue Group. Speaker Lydia Savala.This Canine Rescue group has over 10 years of operational experience as  Dog Rescue group in Orange County. They will also bring some dogs who are available for adopition. There will also be a update on the Dog Park in Laguna Woods. The meetings start at 7 PM at club house 1 in the art room. Guest welcomed and refreshments served. 

November 13 2017 Monthly meeting of the Dog Club will feature as guest Maryanne Dell from the OC. Register newspaper. Topic Dog Training, Dog Nutrition and Dog Sports. The meeting will start at 7 PM at Club House 1, Art Room.Club membership renewal for 2018 are payable at the meeting as well as new memberships. Dues: Individual or friend of Dog $15.00 per year and $20.00 per couple per year.Guest welcomed and Refreshments served. Door Prize Drawing for members at the end of the meeting. Nomination for officers for the club Board for 2018-2019 from members

December 2017: There is no regular Dog Club Meeting in December. The Clubs Holiday Luncheon is the Clubs event for the month. Holiday Luncheon on Tuesday December 12 at Club House 7.Social Hour 11:30 to 12:30..Luncheon starts at 12:30 PM. Price $13.00 member or non-member. Carved Roast Turkey Dinner Buffet style..Catered by Jolanda  Details under Club News on this web site. 






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A Letter from the President of THE LAGUNA WOODS DOG CLUB


The Story for The Canine Club


    in July of 1969 Christine Pensinger contacted several dog owners in Leisure World with the idea of forming a CANINE CLUB. A petition with two hundred and fifty signatures was presented to the Director of Education and Recreation requesting permission to form such a group.  Approval was granted.

    The first meeting of the CANINE CLUB was held on August 12, 1969 in Clubhouse #2.  It was voted that the official name of the club would be " THE CANINE CLUB OF LAGUNA HILLS, " 

( Leisure World News - Laguna Hills   December 28, 1972 ) 



1. To work with owners and dogs so that they will become better members of the  community  

2. To promote the love, interest, and proper care of dogs.

3. To establish ground rules for owners and dogs living in Laguna Woods Village and they keep a license currently. 


DOG RULES Since January 28, 1971

1. Dogs must be on leashes at all times when out of doors, in compliance with Orange County regulations - Ordinance No. 1403 which states all dogs must be on a leash not over six feet long with the master at the other end of the leash.

2. It is the owner's responsibility to pick up after his own dog.

3. Do not disturb your neighbors by leaving a pet alone that barks continuously for long periods of time.

4. Vicious dogs that attack other pets or humans shall not be permitted to live in Laguna Woods Village. 

5. All dogs are required by state ordinance to have a current rabies vaccine.

6.  All dogs residing in the City of Laguna Woods are required to hae a current dog license (city ordinance).



Our Club's Goals are promote adoption of dogs, as well as educate dog owners in nutrition, behavior and provide a service with our therapy dogs for people in nursing homes and day care centers.



After Hours Animal Emergencies or Urgent care of South Orange County is located at 28085 Hillcrest, Mission Viejo Ca. Telephone (949) 364-6228. This Veterinary Clinic is located near Mission Hospital area. Hours: Monday through Friday 6 PM to 8 AM.. Weekends and Holidays 12:00 PM Saturday to 8:00 AM Monday..If your emergency occurs during daytime business Monday thru Friday consult your local Veterinarian Clinic or Hospital...

The second Monday of the month meeting

The Laguna Woods Dog Club meets on the second Monday of the month except for the months of June, July, August and December..The month of June features the Dog Show the months of July, August are dark. The month of December is the clubs Holiday Luncheon. The monthly meetings are held at club house 1, the art gallery room. The meetings begin at 7 PM and generally over by 8:30 PM followed by a social time with refreshments. Special events dates and time are announced  after the Dog  Club receives the dates from the GRF drawings for dates and use of club houses every year. Monthly meetings and special events are published in the Laguna Woods Globe Newspaper, Flyers at all club house flyer racks and cable TV channel 6. Members of the club either receive a e-mail notification or a telephone message if you do not have internet service.  Club memberships are January 1 thru December 31 of the current year. Current membership dues are $15.00 for single or friend of dog..$20.00 for a couple..Renewals or new memberships can be paid at the monthly meetings by check or cash. By mail check only made out to Laguna Woods Dog Club and addressed to Jay Klampert, 2316 Via Mariposa West, unit O, Laguna Woods, Ca. 92637.


The information, opinions and all other content on Club webpages are solely the responsibility of the particular Club. Neither GRF nor the managing agent is responsible for the accuracy or content of information on Club webpages, and all responsibility therefore is hereby denied.

All statements, actions and failures to act by any Club or Club member shall be the sole responsibility of that Club and its members. GRF does not endorse, approve or authorize such conduct, and expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability therefore, without exception.

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.