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Security Functions & Services

Do residents have access to Security's list of crimes and incidents in the Community?

Why does Security respond to Paramedic/medical aid calls?

If under-aged residents are observed living in a manor, to whom should this be reported to ensure that occupancy rules and regulations are not being violated?

What is the policy regarding transport of residents by Staff?

Does the Security Division conduct personal welfare checks on residents?

Is there a place in the Community where a resident can temporarily store refrigerated/frozen food if their refrigerator/freezer suddenly malfunctions?

Will Security provide patrol of a manor while the resident is on vacation?
Based on established service levels by your Boards, the Security Division does not provide patrol of manors while residents are away on vacation. However, residents can call Security Dispatch at 580-1400 to advise of their departure and provide contact information while away.

If a resident needs to have work done inside their manor, but it is very difficult for the resident to schedule a time to be home because they work, is it possible for Security to let the workers in, and keep an eye on them while the work is being done?

Is there a Lost and Found office serving Laguna Woods Village?

Is it possible to obtain a copy of an Incident Report that is generated by Security when an accident/event occurs?

If a resident needs assistance with a problem in their manor in the evenings or on weekends or holidays, and the resident calls Security Dispatch, will they send a Security Officer to help?