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United Smoke-Free Building Designation Procedure

Designation of Buildings as “Smoke-Free”
The Board of Directors of United Laguna Woods Mutual is pleased to announce that the Board has developed and adopted a procedure under which Members occupying Manors in a building can collectively petition for the designation of their building as “smoke-free.”
This innovative procedure was designed in response to Members’ concerns about the health effects of second-hand smoke and the nuisance that tobacco and other smoke can cause.
The process to designate a building as “smoke-free” requires unanimous consent of all Members occupying units in the building, involves multiple forms that must be completed and submitted to United (including an amendment to the Members’ Occupancy Agreement), includes an appearance before the Board to ensure that there is unanimous consent of the building’s members, and, upon approval, will result in a building being permanently, irrevocably and forever designated as “smoke-free.”
Should you wish to pursue designation of your building as “smoke-free”, please contact the Community Services Department via telephone at (949) 268-2337 or via email at
Click here to download a copy of the Petition for Designating a Building as “Smoke-Free.”

Petition for Designating a Building as “Smoke-Free”
Click here to download the Petition for Designating a Building as “Smoke-Free” form.